James J. Rubovits Award

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Award Criteria

Purpose and Eligibility

The James J. Rubovits award honors the best paper presented during the NEERO annual conference.  All attendees have the opportunity to nominate a paper during the conference and winners are notified prior to the following year's conference. The award presentation is a highlight of the conference.

The Rubovits Award is named for James J. Rubovits, professor emeritus of psychology at Rhode Island College. In addition to his significant contributions at Rhode Island College, he was active for many years in the NEERO organization, serving as both its conference director and board member.


Lakshmi Frechette

James J. Rubovits Award from the 2019 Conference

Lakshmi Frechette was awarded the Rubovits Award for Best Paper (from the NEERO 2019 Conference) for her paper, "Teacher Candidate Disposition: A Framework for Unpacking and Supporting Intellectual, Cultural, and Moral Dispositions". In addition to being the mother of 5 young children, Lakshmi writes for Lexington Books, an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc. She also designs and presents professional development workshops for teacher candidates and novice educators including K-12 Family Partnerships: Advancing Dispositional  Attributes, LEAN-In Training, and Stop-Action Coaching via Neural Pathway Reinforcement.


Award Recipients


2019 (Awarded 2020)

Lakshmi Frechette

2018 (Awarded 2019)

Bryan Mascio

2017 (Awarded 2018)

Aubrey Scheopner Torres

2016 (Awarded 2017)

Joshua Littenberg-Tobias

2015 (Awarded 2016)

Debra Zavatkay

2014 (Awarded 2015)

Diana G. Terrell, Joan Barnatt, Lisa D'Souza, Cindy Jong, Ann Marie Gleeson and Kara Mitchell

2013 (Awarded 2014)

Rebecca Katch-Singer, Katherine L. McNeill and Suzanne Loper

2012 (Awarded 2013)

Cinzia Pica-Smith & Carmen N. Veloria

2011 (Awarded 2012)

Paul DiFrancesco

2010 (Awarded 2011)

Anita Charles

2009 (Awarded 2010)

Mary Grassetti

2008 (Awarded 2019)

Sara Young

2007 (Awarded 2008)

Jayson Seaman

2006 (Awarded 2007)

Michaela Columbo

2005 (Awarded 2006)

Drey Martone

2004 (Awarded 2005)

Maryann Johnson Minard

2003 (Awarded 2004)

Patricia Paugh

2002 (Awarded 2003)

Todd DeMitchelle

2001 (Awarded 2002)

Miriam Raider-Roth

2000 (Awarded 2001)

Francine Cabral Roy