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Why New England Educational Research Organization?

Connect. Learn. Grow.

For over 50 years New England Educational Research Organization has been supporting educational research. As an all-volunteer organization, NEERO's annual conference and other events would not be possible without the dedication and time of all our members.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the New England Educational Research Organization is to promote, improve, and disseminate information about all forms of educational research. In doing so, NEERO aims to:

  • Provide a stimulating, supportive and welcoming forum for presentations;

  • Identify and disseminate new research and practice;

  • Encourage the application of innovative and sound research and evaluation and methodology.

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Message from the President: Sarah Enterline Roch

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NEERO is committed to understanding and strengthening our knowledge of our global community. We continue to navigate the global pandemic, climate change, changes to K-12 and post-secondary education, and strengthen our commitment to racial justice, inclusivity, and equity. We maintain three priorities for the coming year: 

  • Planning the NEERO 2024 conference

  • Expanding the NEERO community

  • Increasing engagement within the NEERO community

We are actively planning engagements for the coming year via our Circles Committee and our Graduate Student Committee. And, we are preparing for the NEERO 2023 conference, which will be held at the Portsmouth Sheraton Harborside Hotel from April 26 - 26, 2023. We welcome feedback, questions, and ideas from all members of the NEERO community, and we hope to see you at an event this year and at the NEERO 2024 conference.


Sarah Enterline Roch

NEERO President (2022 - 2024)

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NEERO Documents

Below you will find the NEERO Board's Statement of Racial Justice, NEERO Bylaws, and the NEERO Standing Rules.

NEERO Bylaws

The current version of the NEERO Bylaws were approved by electronic vote of the Board in August 2020, and an electronic vote of the full NEERO membership on October 1, 2020. The NEERO Bylaws were amended on March 28, 2024 by the NEERO Board.

NEERO Standing Rules

The current version of the NEERO Standing Rules were approved by an electronic vote of the NEERO Board in August 2020. The Standing Rules were reviewed by the NEERO membership in September 2020.

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Screenshot of the gallery view of NEERO Board Meeting

NEERO Board Members


About: Speakers

NEERO Presidents

John Schmitt

Boston College

Edward Pepyne

University of Hartford

Anne Marie Bernazza Haasean

University of Massachusetts

Joyce W. Lancaster

Emerson College

Gary E. Kasey

University of Connecticut

Mervyn D. Lynch

Northeastern University

Marvin G. Cline

Research Institute for Educational Problems

Donald T. Donley

Boston College

Janet Burke

University of Lowell

Charles F. Smith

University of Southern Maine

Pasquale DeVito

Rhode Island Department of Education

Reuben R. Rusch

State University of New York at Albany

Theodore R. Cromack

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & University at Dulles

David L. Silvernail

University of Southern Maine

Stephanie R. Blecharczyk

Keene State College

Kay Coleman

Boston University

Richard L. Egelston

New York State Education Department

Libby G. Cohen

University of Southern Maine

Ronald L. Nuttall

Boston College

Larry H. Ludlow

Boston College

Margaret J. Simon

RMC Research Corporation

Carol Lynn Davis

University of Southern Maine

Beverly Ferrucci

Keene State College

Constance M. Perry

University of Maine

Eiki Satake

Emerson College

Susan Vernon-Gesterfelt

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Marshall Strax

College of Saint Elizabeth

Carol Strax

Fordham University

Grant Cioffi & Thomas Schram

University of New Hampshire

Charles DePascale

Massachusetts Department of Education

Susan Etheredge

Smith College

Casey Cobb

University of Connecticut

Kim Fries

University of New Hampshire

Patricia Paugh

University of Massachusetts

Christa Winter

Springfield College

Steve Stemler

Wesleyan University

Drey Martone

The College of Saint Rose

Mary Grassetti

Framingham State University

Amy H. Ryan

Boston College

Emilie Mitescu Reagan

Claremont Graduate University

Sarah Enterline Roch

St. Mark's School

Jessica York McKinney

Tunxis Community College

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