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NEERO 2024

Empowering the Pursuit of Educational Justice by Looking Back and Imagining Forward

Building on the American Educational Research Association 2024 Annual Meeting theme, the New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO) 2024 Annual Conference calls for research proposals that fit under the theme of “Empowering the Pursuit of Educational Justice by Looking Back and Imagining Forward.”

The mission of NEERO is to promote, improve, and disseminate information about all forms of educational research. In doing so, the NEERO 2024 Annual Conference theme aims to inspire collaboration and action across our membership as we realize the importance of the linkages between education, society, and democracy in the United States and across the globe. We support the concept that one’s education is a lifelong skill rather than a commodity one receives in youth. In the current moments, education researchers and practitioners find themselves inspired, overburdened, called to action, and searching for their voices. Through research, collaboration, and action we must take on pressing and endemic matters of life itself, including institutionalized and systemic racism, climate change, physical and mental health access, and social and economic disparities. 

As researchers and practitioners, activists and policy makers, students and teachers, NEERO calls on each of us to rise up and leverage our expertise to share, collaborate, learn, and take action through educational research. This theme calls on this community to explore how educational justice has been successfully pursued, identify the barriers to this pursuit (past and present), and imagine how these pursuits will continue and change in the years ahead. NEERO is seeking proposals that define the beneficial outcomes of various educational approaches and/or environments, identify injustices within our educational system, within our research methodologies, within our research consumption/availability, and within our professional practices and pursuits, and critically examines and challenges systemic forces that have historically, and may currently or in the future, create injustice. While education will be the primary lens of the proposals, this theme would encourage submissions that draw on experiences within and beyond the formal educational environment of the classroom.

A vital aspect to NEERO is providing a forum for novice and expert researchers, students, professors, policy makers, teachers, consultants, and activists to come together to share research and engage in critical dialogue. We invite undergraduate students, graduate students, practitioners, institutional researchers, faculty, classroom teachers, policy makers, community organizers, and activists to submit proposals for the NEERO 2024 Annual Meeting. NEERO welcomes all submissions and particularly encourages submissions that are aligned with the theme that demonstrates the pursuit of educational justice. 

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General Information

NEERO 2024: Wednesday, April 24 - 26th, 2024.

Details to follow regarding the format and structure of the event. 

The NEERO 2024 conference program will primarily consist of papers, research-in-progress roundtables, posters, and symposia selected through this open call and based on a peer-review process guided by NEERO strand directors. Other elements of the program include keynote and invited speakers, awards panel, and an annual business meeting. 

Researchers/authors acknowledge that their work complies with professional codes of ethics for research. 

All submissions must be completed through OpenConf at:

For general questions regarding the NEERO 2023 conference, please contact Vice President & Conference Chair, Dr. Jessica York at or through the OpenConf website by clicking Email Chair.

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Special Practitioner Call For Submission

For the 2024 Annual Conference, NEERO would like to invite P-12 and higher education practicing educators to consider two new session opportunities to present and engage in conversations around pedagogical innovations and problems of practice. Practitioners engaged in empirical research,
conceptual research, and reviews of the literature are still welcome and encouraged to submit their
research via the process detailed in the full Call for Submissions found at

Online Conference
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Early Career Achievement

The purpose of the award, established in 2012 in memory of Dr. Kim Fries, is to recognize the work of NEERO members who have demonstrated distinction in the early part of their professional careers.

Nominations at due by February 1, 2023.

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John Schmitt Award

Outstanding Research at the Graduate Level

This award is presented for outstanding research at the graduate level. To be eligible the candidate must be an individual presenting at the NEERO Annual Conference who is currently enrolled in an advanced degree program, OR who is presenting a paper-based upon a thesis or dissertation that was completed during his or her graduate study in the past year.

Nominations at due by February 1, 2023.

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Best Paper

The James J. Rubovits award honors the best paper presented during the NEERO annual conference.  All attendees can nominate a paper during the conference, and winners are notified before the following year's conference.

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Charlie Depascale Scholarship for Graduate Students

Graduate Student Scholarship

NEW! Charlie DePascale Scholarship for Graduate Students: Established in 2020 to celebrate Dr. Charlie DePascale's contributions to NEERO and lifelong commitment to supporting emerging researchers, the Charlie DePascale scholarship will be awarded to two graduate students who actively attend the NEERO 2021 Annual Meeting. Selected individuals will be granted a non-cash award for the conference fee to attend the subsequent Annual Meeting.

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Contact NEERO

If you have any trouble registering for the NEERO 2023 Conference, please email

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