Online Discussion


In addition to NEERO Annual Meeting, the NEERO community is proud to announce a series of virtual community events, or NEERO Circles.



Dr. Cinzia Pica-Smith
Assumption University

Dr. Carmen N. Veloria

Suffolk University

Dr. Rina Manuela Contini

University of Chieti-Pescara in Italy

Social Justice BookCover.jpg

March 26, 2021  at 12pm-1:30pm EST

Circle Session Description:

Europe is a multi-ethnic society experiencing a rise of anti-immigration, racist, xenophobic discourses, and right-wing political rhetoric and movements proposing legislation to further solidify structural inequality and institutionalized systems of oppression that fuel educational inequities. Social Justice Education in European Multi-ethnic Schools brings together researchers in the fields of sociology and education to examine debates in multicultural education. Drawing on critical theory, the book takes an in-depth look at how these challenges are being addressed (or not addressed) in educational contexts and in the proposed framework of intercultural education adopted as a conceptual and educational framework by the European Union over the last two decades.



Dr. Jess Gregory
NEERO Secretary/Board Member
Associate Professor
Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Southern Connecticut State University

Dr. Jeremy Visone

Assistant Professor

Department of Educational Leadership, Policy & Instructional Technology

Central Connecticut State University

Circle Session Description:

In this workshop, participants will learn about Mendeley, a free reference-management tool. Participants will learn about the benefits of Mendeley, including the ability to warehouse reference articles, organize reference citations, automatically download into the program journal articles and reports accessed online, insert parenthetical citations directly into your writing in Microsoft Word documents, toggle parenthetical citations and reference list entries among reference styles (i.e. APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.), and automatically generate a complete references list in Microsoft Word.


Participants will also be shown how to download the appropriate tools from, and they will be shown how to perform the features listed above to increase their efficiency in scholarly writing and save tremendous amounts of time.



Do you have an idea or topic for the next NEERO Circle? Do you have the expertise and want to volunteer to lead the monthly circle? The NEERO Board is always looking for ideas or enthusiastic presenters.