Information for Chairs

Prior to the Conference

  • Session Chairs should review the program to confirm the date, time, and location of their session.

  • Session Chairs have no formal responsibilities prior to the conference


At the Conference

  • Prior to the session

    • Check-in at the registration desk to confirm your attendance and learn of any last-minute changes to the session.

    • Pick up a session chair form.

  • During the session

    • Arrive as soon as possible after the completion of the preceding session.  For the first session of the day, arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

    • Ensure that computer and LCD projector are set up and working properly.

    • Confirm that all presenters and the discussant are present.  Check the title of each presentation and the pronunciation of each presenter’s name.

    • Confirm that all presenters and discussant (if applicable) have their presentations available.  Ask them to load their presentation, if possible, on the computer prior to the session.

    • Begin the session on time, welcome the presenters and audience members, and announce the session title.

    • Remind the audience members that presenter feedback forms are available and encourage them to complete the forms.

    • Introduce each presenter and monitor the time of their presentation using the timing cards provided.

    • Complete the session chair form throughout the session.

    • After all presenters and the discussant have completed their presentations, moderate the question and answer session.

    • End the session on time.

  • At the conclusion of the session

    • Collect completed presenter feedback forms and return them along with your session chair form to the registration table.