Do I need to be a NEERO Member to submit a proposal?

No, you do not need to be a NEERO member to submit a proposal. If your proposal is accepted, membership will be included in the cost of conference registration.


Does my submission have to be related to the conference theme?

No, NEERO encourages submissions related to the theme, but as always, accepts proposals for all areas of educational research.


What is the difference between a NEERO General Submission and NEERO Undergraduate Submission? 

NEERO General submissions include individual paper and symposium proposals where the lead author is either a graduate student or professional. NEERO Undergraduate submissions include individual research proposals where the lead author is an undergraduate student. Accepted Undergraduate proposals will be presented in the form of an Undergraduate Research Forum poster session.


What is the difference between an individual paper proposal and a symposium?

For the INDIVIDUAL SESSION FORMAT, you can submit to present in one of three different formats: PAPER, RESEARCH IN PROGRESS ROUNDTABLE, or POSTER. Please see the section on a separate page for a detailed description of each format.

A SYMPOSIUM consists of an integrated set of presentations related to the same topic. This format is especially well suited to partnerships among K-12 schools, universities, and/or private institutions. A symposium should include at least three, but no more than five presentations. Symposium organizers are responsible for naming their own chair and discussant, if that is the format their symposium will take.


What is the word count for a paper proposal or symposium?

15 words or fewer per title.

200 words or fewer per abstract.

1,500 words or fewer per INDIVIDUAL proposal (with no author identification).

2.000 words of fewer per SYMPOSIUM proposal (with no author identification).

References, tables, charts, graphs, images, and figures should be added to the end of the paper and do not count towards the word count.


How do I submit for a poster or roundtable?

Select paper, poster (graduate/professional or undergraduate), or roundtable under “submission format.”


Should I include author identification?

No. Author identification should not be included for any abstract, paper, or session submissions. If author identification is included in the abstract or proposal (file upload), the proposal will be removed from consideration.


How many times can I be listed as a participant in the program?

Each individual can be listed as a presenter a total of three times in the program.


Is there a limit on the number of co-authors on my paper?

No. There is no limit for co-authors listed as long as they all contributed to the paper.


What do I do if I forgot to add my co-author?

Prior to the submission deadline you can log in and edit your submission, including adding co-authors. 


Do I need to use a specific format or style, such as APA?

NEERO recommends use of APA formatting for headings and references.


Why was my submission removed from consideration?

Submissions are removed from consideration if:

  • You submit a full paper as a proposal (e.g., submitting any proposal beyond the word limit including complete dissertations and full papers that exceed the proposal word limit).

  • You fail to upload a full (1,000 – 1,500 word) proposal

  • You include identifying information on the abstract or proposal


When should I expect a decision about my proposal?

You will be notified of a decision on your proposal by December 20, 2019


If my proposal is accepted, what do I need to do next?

Confirm that you plan to present your paper at the NEERO 2020 conference by RSVPing via OpenConf ( by Friday, January 20, 2020

Submit your full paper via OpenConf ( by Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Prepare your presentation according to the specified format


If my proposal is accepted, why was my proposal moved to a different presentation format?

Proposals are often moved from a paper presentation to a roundtable if the research presented is a work in progress, rather than research with substantiated findings (even preliminary) at the time the proposal is submitted.


If my proposal is accepted, will it appear in the NEERO program?

Only proposals that were accepted and whose authors RSVP indicating that they plan to present at the NEERO 2020 conference will appear in the program.


If my proposal is accepted for a paper session, when is the full paper due?

If your proposal is accepted, full papers must be uploaded in OpenConf by Wednesday, April 15, 2020.


If my proposal is rejected, can I revise the work and re-submit it for the 2020 conference?

No. As all submissions are peer-reviewed, you are encouraged to utilize the feedback to revise the proposal for the 2021 conference.


If I encounter difficulty with OpenConf, who should I contact?

For general questions regarding the NEERO 2020 conference, please contact Vice President & Conference Chair, Dr. Emilie Reagan at or through the OpenConf website by clicking Email Chair.