Submission Procedures & Policies

  • Submission is open to NEERO members and non-members.

      Membership to NEERO is included in the conference registration fee.

  • Session Formats

NEERO accepts the following session formats: 1) Individual and co-authored research (including papers, research in progress roundtables, and posters); 2) symposia including multiple presentations in one session.


INDIVIDUAL SESSION FORMAT (proposal for one research study with one or more authors)

  • PAPER: Paper sessions provide authors an opportunity to present a condensed version of her/his/their study. The research may focus on a question from an empirical or theoretical perspective. A response by a discussant will follow after all papers in the session have been presented. 

  • RESEARCH IN PROGRESS ROUNDTABLE: Roundtable sessions offer opportunities to obtain insights and suggestions from colleagues in an informal, interactive format in order to support a developing study. This category is particularly valuable for graduate students working on dissertations.

  • POSTER: Posters offer the opportunity to present a topic in display form rather than as a formal oral presentation. The poster presentation format is ideal for subjects for which a one-on-one explanation is more appropriate than a group presentation or topics which require detailed examination. There are two submission options: Graduate Student & Professional and Undergraduate Student as the Lead Author.


A symposium consists of an integrated set of presentations related to the same topic. This format is especially well suited to partnerships among K-12 schools, universities, and/or private institutions. A symposium should include at least three, but no more than five presentations. Proposals should NEERO: 2020 Call for Submissions NEERO: 2020 Annual Meeting - Call for Proposals - 3 include the name of the symposium organizer and an invited discussant (to whom all correspondence about the proposal will be sent). Symposium organizers are responsible for naming their own chair and discussant, if that is the format their symposium will take.