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Charlie Depascale Scholarship for Graduate Students

Charlie DePascale Scholarship for Graduate Students: Established in 2021 to celebrate Dr. Charlie DePascale's contributions to NEERO and lifelong commitment to supporting emerging researchers, the Charlie DePascale scholarship will be awarded to two graduate students who actively attend the NEERO Annual Meeting. Selected individuals will be granted a non-cash award for the conference fee to attend the subsequent Annual Meeting.

Charlie devoted countless hours over the years as a board member, conference organizer, and president in large part because of the mentoring roles these organizations play for graduate students and other new professionals. This scholarship grants both graduate legacy. students with registration to the following NEERO Annual Conference. It is a gift of scholarship, collaboration, and community -- in keeping with Charlie’s

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Charlie Depascale Scholarship: Image

Scholarship Recipients



Kate Orban & Ana Roman-Sanchez.


Charlie Depascale Scholarship: List
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