This Keynote Session is Wednesday, April 28, 2021

 12:15-1:30 p.m.

Learning and Unlearning to Reach All Learners

This past year, we have had to dramatically shift how we teach and design for learning. Focus has been on fundamental access and engagement:  who cannot access the materials and resources? Who has disengaged from the learning? In order to ensure that we meet the diversity and variability of our learners in this unique educational landscape, educators have had to unlearn many of our traditional teaching habits and routines in order to advance our teaching. The process of unlearning can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary for growth and to make changes in our instructional design that will ensure all students are able to access meaningful, challenging learning opportunities in our classes.  In this keynote, we will explore the process of unlearning and how we can shift many outdated beliefs, assumptions, and practices in order to gain new strategies to meet the unique needs of our learners to advance in the 21st century workplace.

About Allison Posey

Allison Posey is a national leader for professional learning and implementation of Universal Design for Learning. She works at CAST as a Senior Editor and Producer, and she collaborates with researchers and educators to integrate and apply current understandings from brain research into instructional practices so that all students are able to access, integrate and become expert learners. Prior to coming to CAST, Allison was a life science teacher in high school and community college settings, and she continues to teach courses at Lasell University. She received a degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is author of Engage the Brain: How to design for learning that taps into the power of emotions (ASCD, 2018) and Unlearning: Change your beliefs and practice with UDL (CAST Publishing, 2020).